DOJ Brief Briefing: Sunday’s Comic

The briefing to the American public by the DOJ and FBI was taped – not live. According to numerous outlets the decision was made so that the public received the “right” message – not an accurate message, but the controlled message. Rarely have we seen such control of information. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, this control should scare the hell out of you……

Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone (UPDATED)

Lynch’s role is alleged to be the Obama White House’s watchdog over FBI Director Comey’s statements and subsequent response following the most recent Islamic terrorist attack. The impetus for this scenario is said to be two-fold:

**Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett are increasingly concerned over anti-Muslim rhetoric not only among the general population and politicians, but among federal, state, and local law enforcement officials who are increasingly concerned further threats to public safety might very well be imminent. They want this tone “corrected” immediately.

**Barack Obama is said to have asked during an earlier meeting regarding the San Bernardino terrorist attack how best they, “control the message on this.” Jarrett operatives have apparently already reached out to and continue to then remind supportive media figures to describe San Bernardino as a “shooting” and not connect it to Islamic terror.

It seems the administration’s motivation will continue to demand the terror attack be used as yet another tool for further calls for federal gun control laws despite ever-increasing evidence the attack in San Bernardino was exclusively the result of Muslim terrorism. FBI Director James Comey appears increasingly unwilling to play along with the Obama White House’s insistence the actual terror threat be downplayed while the push for gun control be expanded.

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